• Speaking Engagements

    Being organized and happy as a way of life is what we love talking about. Is productivity getting in the way of your creativity? Let Tyme 2 Organize speak at your next event and share the benefits of creating systems that fit your lifestyle.

    Abike welcomes the opportunity to share her professional organizing experience, processes, and success stories with your group or association of any size.  You can choose from a list of her most requested presentation topics, or she will work with you to customize a presentation relevant to your interests and audience.

    • Closet Organization

    • Home Offices

    • Kitchens

    • Kid's Organizing

    • Packing and Unpacking

    • Whole Home Organization

  • Declutter & Organize

    If you are feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to begin, Tyme 2 Organize is here to help! 

    T2O understands that the biggest step to getting organized is starting. 


    During our initial consultation,we will discuss:

    How you want to feel as you enter any room in your home

    What type of systems are needed to fit your day to day lifestyle

    How we can create a space with your personal style 

    Once there is clarity on your personal lifestyle needs, we will work together to edit current home systems and upgrade with simple solutions to design the space you love!    



  • Tyme to Move

    Let’s face it, moving can be exciting and overwhelming all at the same tyme. Have no fear and let Tyme 2 Organize fill in the gaps to make your moving day a huge success! We like to help our clients finalize last minute details and check off all the boxes before and on you big moving day. 


    During this process we help our clients complete the following:  

    Properly label and sort items for the move

    Design a master checklist for the current space and new home 

    Verify all items at new location before moving to specified locations around the home 

    Make your next move easy, by contacting Tyme 2 Organize to help you start and streamline your moving process. 




  • Unpack & Organize

    The move is done and now the real fun begins!  It’s tyme to create a space you crave by intentionally putting systems in place that fit your lifestyle. Whether you are a new mom, downsizing or travel a lot for work or leisure, we realize being organized along the way, keeps it simple. 


    We will work with you to: 

    Establish a purpose for each room 

    Set-up essentials needed for every area for ease and flow

    Create an action plan to stay consistent with your systems

    Eliminate and remove items that no longer add value to space

    Tyme 2 Organize is here to help you treat your space and transform it into the space you have always wanted! 

  • The Mommy Makeover

    The day is done, the kiddos are in bed and now you just want a few minutes to yourself. No interruptions, no noise, just you and a few moments of peace.


    Wouldn’t it be nice if you had a space you could retreat to, just for you?

    T20 knows first hand that motherhood, although very rewarding is a tough job. However, having a space to call your own along the way, makes it a lot sweeter. You don’t need an entire room to enjoy this package, you just need a space you have an idea for and want help making it come to life! 


    During this process, we will help you discover:

    The best place to set-up this space for your personal retreat 

    Will be for you to retreat, recharge and relax

    Will be known to everyone as the NO CLUTTER ZONE

    Can be used for YOUR favorite things only such as crafts, wine, books, etc.


     Let’s dig deep and really transform a space that you can call your own, get creative and just be!  

Organizing your space is what exercise is to the body. When you start, you will want to get it done. 

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