• Abike Anoka

But Before You Go, Take Inventory!

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Here at Tyme2Organize we believe in the one less thing. When it comes to saving yourself time and money, taking inventory first, and then making a list is the way to go!

Whether you are going grocery shopping, ready to upgrade your wardrobe with some new clothes or need a few office supplies, keep it simple and take inventory first.

This small habit started because I was tired of going grocery shopping, only to discover I had two of the same things that I just purchased. This overtime became very frustrating and wasted money that could have been used for other household activities. After this happened about 2-3 times, I started to plan ahead.

Meal Plan to stay on track. By meal planning, I know what we are having for dinner each day and use this list as a guide when going shopping. Then check the pantry and lazy susan for items you have and those still needed. This tyme can also be used to see what snacks are running low so they can be replenished while out. This system helped to immediately reduce my stress levels and cut my time in the store in half. Have you ever just wandered in a store, from aisle to aisle because you think you may be forgetting something but not sure what it is? This can be time consuming and very draining.

So let's say you forget to take inventory, but need to make a quick run to the store.

Try these tips when this happens:

Make a list of only the items you know you need to get

Set a budget and stick to it

Think about what you are going to cook for the next 2-3 days and buy those items only

Eat before you go! Trust me on this one, anytime I have gone to the store hungry I ended up buying things I didn't need or overspending.

Being organized is way of life. If you forget to take inventory or by duplicates of something, don't fret. Give your grace, taken inventory and make the list next tyme.

As always, be happy, be organized, be awesome.

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