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5 Simple Ways to Get Organized

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

Ready. Set. Let's Get Organized.

If the thought of getting organized has crossed your mind, but you're not so sure where to start, check out these five simple ways you can get start (even today). In just five quick minutes you can upgrade any room and instantly feel better about your space. Let's get started.

1. Plan for the day the night before. One of the best ways to have a awesome day is planning for it the night before. Something as simple as packing your lunch or laying your clothes out for day can save you an extra 3-5 minutes in the morning. If you like sleeping in, doing this at night will definitely give you a few extra minutes of sleep.

2. Create labels to easily identify items. Labels make it easy for you to know what goes where. This makes it easy for you and the people you share your home with to quickly identify what goes where. This also keeps you from having to stop to look for things. Give it a label and end the "I have it but I can't find it war".

3. Practice the one in one out rule When new things are brought into the home, look around to see what is taking up valuable space and needs to go. Sometimes too many things can in one place can make any room look and feel smaller. By consciously being aware of what comes in, you can eliminate clutter by keeping consumption at a bay.

4. Play a game of Beat the Timer If you are constantly feeling overwhelmed by your space and time is never on your side, using a timer is a quick way to use pockets of time to get the job done. First start with 10 minutes. No distractions and 1 task. Start small and build from there. This small act will encourage momentum, and give the boost to keep going and give you a simple routine to stick to. After a few times, assign a day and time you can realistically commit to. Be proactive and properly plan so you won't have any other commitments on this day. This game is very fun for kids as well, when delegating chores around the house.

5. Give everything a home. When I first started organizing, one thing that frustrated me the most was not knowing where things belongs. I had a lot of stuff but nowhere to put them. When things have a home, the less it roams. Assigning homes for your things means you are intentional about the space you want to create and how you want to feel about your home on a daily basis. Start by picking one space with overflow or "not so sure" items. Put those items where they are used the most. Then work your way through items that have been overlooked decide if they still work, need a home or it's tyme to donate or toss. Complete this process on a monthly or quarterly basis and you are sure to start seeing results that inspire.

Be sure to check-in every Tuesday for your Tyme 2 Organize quick tips.

Until next tyme, Be happy. Get Organized. Be Awesome,

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